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MobileViews Podcast 279: Google Android Call Screen demo & more

  1. Pro tip: If you are an Audible subscriber, Audible provides a selection of short books from which you can select two each month for free. This month, in addition to the two books you can select, you can also choose to download a third book titled Jingle Bell Pop: How to Make a Holiday Hit. The titles of the two free audio books I choose are: Christmas Eve 1914 and Alien: Out of the Shadows.
  2. I first thought that saying”OK Google, play the news” displays video news clips compared to saying just “news” and getting audio-only news. However, this just happened to be the case at the time of my first test. You can, however, modify the news source list on an Android device (but apparently not the Smart Display itself) to include video news sources. Collaborating on the future of audio news for the Assistant
  3. FaceTime in 12.1 can take live photos
  4. Google Android Call Screen on Pixel 2 not what I expected
  5. Jon’s Rant about Outlook for iOS – yes, some nice features. Yes, nice design. But Microsoft To-Do Sucks, why can’t we have that in Outlook?!?
  6. Jon’s ProTip – Don’t forget about the Wayback Machine (www.archive.org)
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MobileViews Podcast 139: 7th year podcast anniversary. Android discussion w/Frank McPherson

Jon Westfall and I (Todd Ogasawara) welcome back special guest Frank McPherson for the MobileViews Podcast 7th anniversary. We discuss Android from its launch in September 2008, podcast #2 w/Frank on Nov. 28, 2008, where its been, and where it might go in the future.

The topic 7 years ago was the then new T-Mobile G1 – the first Android phone available in the U.S. It was released in September 2008. I had returned mine before the podcast because of its awful short battery life.

All three of us have used various Android phones in the past 7 years. We discuss our experiences with them and speculate where it might go in the future.

LifeHacker Says iPhone 2 < Android < iPhone 3

I thought LifeHacker’s article…

Android Versus iPhone 3.0: The Showdown

…would be just another item with providing a generic comparison of a few features. But, nope, anyone interested in a feature-by-feature comparison of the current iPhone 2.0 firmware features with the current Google Android features and the upcoming iPhone 3.0 features should take a look at the color coded matrix in the article where light-red/pink indicates missing features, a pale green indicates feature presence and a pale yellow includes availability with provisions. According to this scorecard the current iPhone 2.0 units are missing a lot of features, Android has over half of the features with a lot of provisions, and iPhone 3.0 is nearly all green. Nice matrix. Run over there to read it, then come back here 🙂