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A blog item I wrote over at the MacDevCenter titled Cause for iPod nano spontaneous reset? on May 11, 2006 has for many months now generated questions about the iPod unrelated to the issue discussed (the reset problem has since been addressed by a firmware update). This iPod information page is an attempt to help those people out with references to useful iPod help and information.

Official Apple Support

  • iPod Service Request
  • Apple New User Guides

    Unofficial iPod Support Resources

    iPod Reference Books (Amazon Affiliate links)

    A Few of the Questions posted to my MacDevCenter blog post (unedited)

    • i just got my ipod and i dont now how to put music or delete music
    • have an ipod it just all the sudden is corrupted i don’t know what to do
    • How do i just put one new song on my ipod without having to create a new playlist and load all the playlists on there again
    • My nano ill not update the music because it saya the playlists do not exist. What should i do
    • My iPod repeaditly resets in the middle of a song for no reason. this, today happened about 12 times and is annoying. why is this?
    • I just got a silver 2gb nano 2nd gen yesterday, and whenever i listen to ANY song it goes to the apple screen. no matter what i do or how many times i reset and restore it does this…..whats going on????????????
    • my ipod nano will not let me listen 2 songs cause i don’t know the pad lock code
    • why cant my ipod cannot work?? it say factory settings? whats this factory settings?
    • I have the 5th generation ipod and when playing in shuffle there are certain songs that when the ipod trys to play it restarts! i see the apple logo dark then the backlight comes on and i am back at the main screen..!! so now i am just writing down these songs and then deleting/encoding them! hope i help guys!!
    • i have a problem where music is only playing out of the right side of my iPod. it’s not the headphones because it doesnt work on the left side in my car and with other headphones. how can i fix this?
    • My ipod nano 4G has a mind of its own…It plays only certain songs…No shuffle isn’t on. For instance, If I want to play When You Were Young by The Killers, it skips it and the next 10-20 songs then chooses another, and I can’t back up.
    • ok im new to ipod i just got one can any one help me cause i put on a lock code and now when i try to enter it, its not even doing anything it dosent say invilade code or right one its like the enter button dosent work can any one tell me where or how can i fix it

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