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MobileViews Podcast 334: New Pixel phones, rumored in iPhone 12 models, Surface Laptop Go, Taptic Time, & device etiquette

Jon Westfall and I are back for the third weekend in a row of after a three month hiatus.

  1. What if you could turn your voice into any instrument?

    Google Tone Transfer

  2. Google Pixel 4a(5g) and Pixel 5 – new camera features. Plus “Hold for me” features
    Cinematic Pan, Ultrawide lens. Pixel 5 does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack
  3. Microsoft Surface Laptop Go for $549.
  4. Rumored iPhone 12 specs
  5. Little remembered Apple Watch features: Taptic Time (For when you need to know the time but don’t want to be rude. Turn on in Clock area of settings). Chimes also available, for those who used to like the hourly ding on their old watches.
  6. Good quick discussion: Device Etiquette. What is acceptable today?

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MobileViews Podcast 293: Google Pixel 3a phone & tech at Disneyworld

Jon Westfall and I are back to podcasting after a brief hiatus while Jon was on a “secret mission” (vacationing at Disneyworld).

This podcast has two discussion topics:

1. Todd’s new Google Pixel 3a
2. Jon’s overview and observations of technology used at Disneyworld

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MobileViews Podcast 228: Google Pixel 2 initial impressions

  1. Jon – iPhone X
  2. NoteShelf. Recent update supports iPhone in addition to iPad. Tested with JotScript stylus.
  3. TOdd – Google (HTC) Pixel 2
  4. USB-C only. No mini-jack for headphones. No headphones. It ships with mini-plug to USB-C and USB-A to USB-C adapters
  5. Otterbox Defender for Pixel 2 $50
    No useful paper or web instructions for how to take this thing apart. Turns out there are 5 clips to pop to separate the plastic case after removing the outer rubber case. After the ordeal of taking it apart and putting it on the Pixel 2, here’s what I learned. One good, one bad.
    The squeeze to activate Google Assistant works with the case on- a little too well. I need to reduce its sensitivity
    The built-in transparent screen protector is not perfectly flat against the screen which makes typing on the visual keyboard difficult. Note: The much less expensive (about $20) Unicorn Beetle case I’ve used on my Nexus 6 for more than two years also has a built-in screen protector. And, it works perfectly.
    Belt clip is useless
  6. Impressed by the photos it takes. No second lens. So, no optical zoom.
  7. Google Pixel 2 vs. iPhone 7+: Photographing a bright red hibiscus
  8. The fingerprint reader works better than I expected. And, its placement on the back of the phone is not as awkward as I expected.
  9. Good battery life so far

MobileViews Podcast 178: Made by Google w/guests Frank McPherson & Don Sorcinelli

Don Sorcinelli, Frank McPherson, & Jon Westfall

Jon Westfall and I are joined by guest panelists Frank McPherson and Don Sorcinelli to discuss the products announced at the October 4, 2016 Made by Google event.

  1. What wasn’t announced/discussed during the event:
    New Chromebook or other Chrome OS device
    New tablet
  2. Google announced an iPhone, a Gear VR, an Echo, and an Eero – The Verge.

    Pixel phones
    $649 for 32GB
    $749 for 128GB

    $769 for 32GB
    $869 for 128GB

    No interest financing available

    $99 for device protection plan

    More fragmentation: Pixel’s best features aren’t coming to the new version of Android

    Google’s Pixel XL priced like Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus but is half as fast, lacks many key features
    However, it still has a mini-jack for headphones 🙂
    Google Pixel updates

    Pixel vs. iPhone

  3. Google Home
  4. Daydream View VR headset
    Ships with Pixel. Only works with a Pixel phone
  5. Google WiFi
    $129 or $299 for a three-pack
  6. Chromecast Ultra

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MobileViews Podcast 146

  • Paul Thurrott’s Surface Pro 4/Sufrace Book rant: Ref:
  • Greatly improved weather search results in Android Google app. Ref: Google Inside Search Blog
  • How much has the free Google Android OS earned? $31 billion! Ref: Bloomberg Business
  • Office 365 for iPad & iPad Pro adds new inking tools. Ref: Microsoft Office Blog
  • Apple Music Memos for iOS app. Free. Much simpler than Garageband. Not perfect. But, still impressive
  • iPhone 5se. 4-inch display. Features of 6s line. Ref: 9to5mac
  • Conversation on our mobile setup circa 2016 compared to say 2006
  • Jon’s app pick of the week: “Copied” on iOS and MacOS