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MobileViews Podcast 303: Apple’s 2019 fall announcements

Jon Westfall and I discuss the most interesting items (to us) from Apple’s Fall 2019 announcements on Sept. 10.

  1. First: Happy 20th birthday to WiFi
    History of WiFi
  2. iPhone 11 Pro
    Still has Lightning connector. Not USB-C
    Three lenses – 3rd for ultra-wide – 120 degree view
    2x optical zoom “out” as well as in
    Night Mode (like Android Night Sight)
    Video: What is “audio zoom”?
    Take 8MP still photos while recording 4K video
  3. iOS 13
    High-Key Mono photos
    Portrait lighting control
    Nearly every tool and effect you use on your photos can be used on videos, including rotate, crop, and auto enhance.
    Maps has new features (catch up to Google Maps?)
    Silence unknown callers
    Carrier‑verified Calls
  4. Apple Watch Series 5
    No sleep tracking!
    Always on display
    Noise app w/alerts
    Watch app store
    Dexcom G6 glucose monitor – requires additional hardware
    Built-in compass
  5. 10.2-inch iPad (not Air, not Pro)
    Starts at $329
    Lightning connector (still)
  6. Jon’s running ios 13.1 on iPhone, iPadOS on his iPad, and Watch OS 6 on his watch. All are pretty stable thus far!
  7. What to do with an old Macbook that you can’t upgrade to modern software – Load vintage operating systems.

Available via Google Music Podcasts and Apple iTunes.

MobileViews Podcast 294: WWDC 2019 w/a focus on iPadOS

Jon and I discuss the WWDC 2019 announcements made in the past week

  1. MacOS Catalina
  2. iOS 13
  3. iPadOS preview
  4. iPadOS features
  5. iPadOS FAQ
  6. iPadOS supported devices
  7. watchOS 6
  8. Jon’s Tech Tip of the Week: Make MacOS Install USB drives before you need them. – Can partition disks to 8 GB, so theoretically 1 64 GB USB drive could hold the last 7-8 years of MacOS Installs

Available via Google Music Podcasts and Apple iTunes.

Google app for iOS gained keyboard shortcuts

This week’s update to the Google app for iOS adds keyboard shortcuts if you have a physical keyboard for your iPad. This is what I see if I press and hold the Command key on an Apple Smart Keyboard when viewing the default Google start screen. If you are in the search text box, Command L cancels the search.

Command L = Quick search

Command Y = Recent pages

Command O = Voice search

Mobileviews Podcast 102: Microsoft Office for iPad & iPhone


  1. Microsoft Office for iOS free. No need for Office 365 subscription.
  2. Microsoft Office Sway? Ref: Microsoft Office Blog announcement.
  3. “Materials” Android apps appearing: Google Play, Gmail, Camera
  4. Swype for iOS free app of the week

MobileViews Mailbag

  1. Todd: Google Inbox as an Android battery killer
  2. Jon: Get true push Gmail on an iPhone

MobileViews Podcast 99: New iPad/Mac speculation, connected devices, tips

Recorded: October 11, 2014

– Apple Oct. 16 announcements. New iPads – sure. iMacs – maybe. Mac mini – ? What happens to the iPod touch?
– Connected health devices. Ref: Mobile Health News & NPD
– Background content for Google Chromecast Ref: Google Chrome Blog
– AAA hands-free voice cognitive distraction ratings. Ref: AAA

Tips & Product Picks
– LEGO mini-figs to hold Apple lightning and other thin cables
– MMS support added to Google Voice. Enables support for, for example, Fandango movie tickets and other image based text messages. Ref: Google
– Diaries – the kind you might actually keep up with. Or for the young crowd: a social network of 1
Day One (Mac OS / iOS; ). Reminds you to write entries, gives you prompts to get you thinking (i.e. “What was your favorite game in childhood”)
— Evernote (Especially emailed with tags – shorthand: @notebook #tag in email subject to auto categorize
— Automating your life: Hazel & Keyboard Maestro for Mac OS X, IFTTT, Dropbox as a go-between

Konspiracy Korner
Ref: Wall Street Journal – IRobot Introduces System to Help Machines Think for Themselves