MobileViews Podcast 178: Made by Google w/guests Frank McPherson & Don Sorcinelli

Don Sorcinelli, Frank McPherson, & Jon Westfall

Jon Westfall and I are joined by guest panelists Frank McPherson and Don Sorcinelli to discuss the products announced at the October 4, 2016 Made by Google event.

  1. What wasn’t announced/discussed during the event:
    New Chromebook or other Chrome OS device
    New tablet
  2. Google announced an iPhone, a Gear VR, an Echo, and an Eero – The Verge.

    Pixel phones
    $649 for 32GB
    $749 for 128GB

    $769 for 32GB
    $869 for 128GB

    No interest financing available

    $99 for device protection plan

    More fragmentation: Pixel’s best features aren’t coming to the new version of Android

    Google’s Pixel XL priced like Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus but is half as fast, lacks many key features
    However, it still has a mini-jack for headphones 🙂
    Google Pixel updates

    Pixel vs. iPhone

  3. Google Home
  4. Daydream View VR headset
    Ships with Pixel. Only works with a Pixel phone
  5. Google WiFi
    $129 or $299 for a three-pack
  6. Chromecast Ultra

Available via Google Music Podcasts and Apple iTunes.