MobileViews Podcast 228: Google Pixel 2 initial impressions

  1. Jon – iPhone X
  2. NoteShelf. Recent update supports iPhone in addition to iPad. Tested with JotScript stylus.
  3. TOdd – Google (HTC) Pixel 2
  4. USB-C only. No mini-jack for headphones. No headphones. It ships with mini-plug to USB-C and USB-A to USB-C adapters
  5. Otterbox Defender for Pixel 2 $50
    No useful paper or web instructions for how to take this thing apart. Turns out there are 5 clips to pop to separate the plastic case after removing the outer rubber case. After the ordeal of taking it apart and putting it on the Pixel 2, here’s what I learned. One good, one bad.
    The squeeze to activate Google Assistant works with the case on- a little too well. I need to reduce its sensitivity
    The built-in transparent screen protector is not perfectly flat against the screen which makes typing on the visual keyboard difficult. Note: The much less expensive (about $20) Unicorn Beetle case I’ve used on my Nexus 6 for more than two years also has a built-in screen protector. And, it works perfectly.
    Belt clip is useless
  6. Impressed by the photos it takes. No second lens. So, no optical zoom.
  7. Google Pixel 2 vs. iPhone 7+: Photographing a bright red hibiscus
  8. The fingerprint reader works better than I expected. And, its placement on the back of the phone is not as awkward as I expected.
  9. Good battery life so far