MobileViews Mini-podcast 40: Guest Philip Mow and Dr. James Young – robotics & UAVs. Mic test in a restaurant

Dr. James Young (left), Todd Ogasawara (center), Philip Mow (right)

In this mini-podcast Todd Ogasawara is joined by Philip Mow (Phil) and Dr. James Young (Jim) to test the SPKPAL USB-C microphone in a Greek Marina restaurant.

Audio recorded directly from the mic to an iPhone 15 Pro Max using the Just Press Record app. The audio volume recorded using the SPKPAL mic was a little low. However, the combination of Adobe Podcast Enhance service and Audacity corrected this in post-production. The first minute of the podcast was recorded using the iPhone 15 Pro Max built-in microphone. The remainder of the podcast was recorded using the SPKPAL micorphone.

The discussion topics focused on Jim’s post-retirement interests of robotics and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

The “podcast studio” setup in the restaurant

Gyro plate from Greek Marina

Jim Young’s robot

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