MobileViews Podcast 485: Amazon/Comixology rant; Using a sub-$100 Android tablet; and more

Steven Hughes, Sven Johannsen, Todd Ogasawara, & Jon Westfall

Jon Westfall and I are joined by frequent guest panelists Steven Hughes and Sven Johannsen for this podcast. Note that (roughly) the first half of the podcast was recorded using Adobe Podcast Studio beta. We encountered a technical issue at that point and switched to using Microsoft Teams and Rouge Amoeba Audio Hijack to record the second half.

  • YouTube now able to ingest audio-only podcasts using RSS. The MobileViews Podcast is now available on YouTube at:
  • Surprised that Apple offered AppleCare+ warranty extensions
  • Todd Has been using a sub-$100 Android tablet. The experience is a good one if you manage expectations.
  • Todd received notice that he has access to Google NotebookLM but this does not appear to be availablle for his use
  • Todd’s rant: Amazon turning off the Comixology app on December 4 forcing users to use the less comicbook friendly Kindle app.
    Amazon is killing off its Comixology app in true supervillain fashion

    Note: I was fortunate to have been able to invite and host Comixology co-founder David Steinberger at the 2010 ThinkMobile conference (see photo here). Amazon bought Comixology in April 2014.

    Comixology co-founder David Steinberger at the September 2010 ThinkMobile conference.

  • Adam Savage CT scan of USB-C cable why Apples Cable costs $130

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