MobileViews mini-podcast 39: Outdoor recording using a low-cost SPKPAL USB-C cardioid mic

SPKPAL USB-C microphone

In this mini-podcast, I tested a low-cost ($40) SPKPAL USB-C cardiod mic to record audio outdoors in order to learn if it might be usable to record a group (more than two people) podcast in a environment with noticeable ambient sound (wind, traffic, other people).
The first half (about 3 minutes) of the podcast is the raw audio recording. In truth, I amplified the volume. However, no other post-processing was performed. The second half of the podcast is the same audio post-processed by Adobe Podcast Enhance.
Generally speaking, I’m pleased with the sound quality of both parts of the audio (unprocessed and processed) and plan to use this mic to record an in-person podcast soon.

Available via Google Music Podcasts and Apple iTunes.

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