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MobileViews Podcast 84: WWDC 2014, Sprint/T-Mobile merger, Amazon smartphone on June 18

In MobileViews podcast 84 Todd Ogasawara and Jon Westfall discuss:

– Apple’s 2014 WWDC announcements (nice roundup in The Verge)
– The rumored Apple health gadget (iWatch?) launch in October
– The $32B Sprint/T-Mobile merger (Reuters)
– Amazon’s presumed smartphone announcement scheduled for June 18.

Apple developer links (may require developer account)
What’s new in iOS 8
What’s new in OS/X 10.10 (Yosemite)
Apple Swift language sample code

MobileViews Podcast 80: Amazon phone, Windows 8.1 Update, HeartBleed, Apps of the week

In this podcast, Todd Ogasawara and Jon Westfall discuss.

– The rumored Amazon smartphone. Refs: WSJ & Recode

– Windows 8.1 Update: Microsoft Surface RT update experience is different from the Asus T100 even though both have hardware connected physical keyboards


Apps of the Week
– Todd: An oldie but a goodie: Sky Map. Was Google Sky Map. Now an Open Source community driven project

– Jon: An oldie but a goodie as well: TrueCrypt (Yep, not mobile, but it does protect data on the go)

MobileViews Podcast 79: Microsoft Office for iPad (finally…)

Todd Ogasawara and Jon Westfall about the long-awaited (possibly too long) release of Microsoft Office for iPad in MobileViews Podcast 79. Other topics:

– Microsoft Office for Android (phones only) and iPhone available too. And, unlike the iPad version, can edit documents using these free versions.

Microsoft OneNote for OS/X released (also, finally) for free. Note, this will only install if your Mac is running the current Mavericks OS/X release. It will not install on Macs running older releases. Note: As you can see in Jon’s screenshots below, OneNote for OS/X offers just a small subset of the features available for the Windows version.
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Google Search for Android voice activated camera function’s redeeming features

googlesearch_camera_20140319Google Search for Android recently gained the ability to activate the phone’s (or tablet’s) camera in snapshot mode or video mode (Marketingland). You do this by saying “OK Google” and then either “take a photo” or “take a video”.

This may seem trivial since it is easy to get to the camera even from a locked screen. But, it does have two useful features: If your camera is in snapshot mode, saying “take a video” takes you directly to video recording mode without tapping the screen a couple of times to switch to video recording mode. And, once you leave the video recording mode launched from Google Search, activiting the camera again puts you back in snapshot mode. This, again, saves a couple of finger taps and valuable time when you want to quickly capture a photo.

MobileViews Podcast 78

In this podcast, Todd Ogasawara and Jon Westfall discuss

– Why are Microsoft tablets sales still low/flat? (Ref: Computerworld article)

– Evernote, Keep, and other cloud note platforms
– Springpad
– Evernote is now on Pebble smart watch

Jon’s App Pick of the Week: Drafts (iOS), Specifically custom URL actions to Evernote notebooks, ToodleDo to do lists

Todd’s Anti-app pick: Apps for Chromecast (iOS/Android)