MobileViews Podcast 460: Are ChatGPT’s mobile security ideas any good? Revisiting ABSGEEGA lav mic & Google-y things

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I review ChatGPT’s mobile security recommendations. But, before that, they follow-up on a few recent past topics

  • Podcast 456: outdoor ABSGEEGA wireless lavalier microphone tests. Reported low volume problem when used with an iPhone 14 Pro or iPad mini 6. However, the mics work fine with the Android-based Pixel 7a using the Google Android Recorder app
  • Podcast 459: Google Pixel Tablet. Still on the fence. Waiting for Apple’s WWDC on the slim chance that Apple announces a smart assistant with a display (unlikely as that may be). Considering a Google Nest Hub Max ($230) to replace my Lenovo Smart Display which will go out of support soon. I am concerned that Google will drop support for it soon even though, or maybe because, it is less than half the price of a Pixel Tablet.
  • Podcast 459: Flicking Echo Show 5 (purchased Dec. 2019). Considering replacing it with the recently announced 3rd generation Echo Show 5 ($80). It is unfortunate that it does not have the Eero mesh feature in the display-less Echo Dot and recently announced Echo Pop ($40). Alternatively, I could put my Kindle Fire 8 HD into Show Mode, place it on stand, and plug it into a charger.
  • Podcast 459: Google Pixel 7a – upgraded from a 4a

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