MobileViews Podcast 132: New Google products discussion w/Frank McPherson

Jon Westfall was on “special assignment” (the football game he was at ran late). So, I’m (Todd Ogasawara) joined by my old friend Frank McPherson on this podcast. He wrote a blog entry about the Sept. 29 Google new product announcements on his blog if you want are interested in his personal take on all of this.

September 29 Google announcements

– Nexus 6P
– Nexus 5X
– Pixel C Android tablet with optional Bluetooth keyboard.
– New Chromecast
– Chromecast Audio
– Google Play Music – Family Plan
– Google Photos gets private labels & Chromecast support

Sidenote: Todd’s Google Fi Welcome Kit arrived

We also discuss reports of Evernote’s decline Ref: Business Insider. Evernote is a favorite service/product for both Frank and me.