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MobileViews Podcast 378: Guest Frank McPherson; Windows CE 25th anniversary; AirPod 4A400 firmware update & more

Jon Westfall and I are joined by frequent guest panelist Frank McPherson to reflect on Microsoft Windows CE’s 25th anniversary and Microsoft mobile journey over the decades.

We also discussed:

  1. My $48 Bluetooth earbuds have two features my Air Pods Pro do not: (1) Over the ear “hooks” so they don’t fall out when walking and (2) a digital display on the charging case that shows the battery charge level for each earbud. It seems like a decent product so far. However, despite having “noise cancellation” in the product name, it does not have such a feature.
  2. New this week: Apple pushes out AirPods firmware, enables “Conversation Boost” – “Apple says Conversation Boost is designed to help people with mild hearing challenges stay more connected in conversations. The feature uses the AirPods Pro’s beam-forming microphones to boost the volume of a person talking in front of you, making it easier to listen to a face-to-face conversation, and there is also an option to reduce ambient noise.” – How much longer until commercial BT headphones replace $$$ hearing aids? — Firware Version 4A400
  3. Also, MacRumors has a massive iOS 15 tips/tricks document – some things I forgot about – drag and drop support greatly improved, square calendar widget (Month view!), iOS password manager now supports 2 factor codes, AR walking mode directions (would be great for cities), background sounds (e.g., rain, other ambient sounds to help improve concentration).

    And something I didn’t realize you could do – when sending a photo in messages, you can search by month/year. Really helps when you know you had a picture you took last March that you want to send someone now.

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MobileViews Podcast 375: Guest Don Sorcinelli; team building in a telework world; Apple speculation

Jon Westfall and I are joined by frequent guest panelist Don Sorcinelli for this podcast. We discuss:

  1. iPhone 13 (rumors)
    Smaller notch
    120MHz ProMotion Display
    Camera improvements (???)
    A15 processor
    MAYBE – under display Touch ID

    Apple WatchOS 7 (known)
    Family Setup – config Watch for people without an iPhone (e.g., children)
    More customizable watch faces
    Single app can provide more than one complication
    Share faces
    Siri language translation

    iPad mini & iPad 7
    Very little reliable rumors IMO

    AirPods 3

  2. Study of Microsoft employees shows how remote work puts productivity and innovation at risk

    “A new study finds that Microsoft’s company wide shift to remote work has hurt communication and collaboration among different business groups inside the company, threatening employee productivity and long-term innovation.”

  3. Jon’s Rant / Confusion: What do you do with health data? Yes, some actionable advice is easy to tell, but I’m still a bit confused by my Bello belly fat analyzer – it literally hasn’t told me a single thing I couldn’t have already noticed in much lower-tech fashion: a mirror.

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MobileViews Podcast 374: Google Cursive Chromebook note taking app; Audible 3D; Apple Watch 7 speculation

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Audible 3D Audio
    I can’t hear the difference between it and other audio books
  2. Google Cursive note taking app works on other Chromebooks
  3. Explain Everything Digital Whiteboard
  4. Rumors suggest
  5. iPhone 13 rumors

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MobileViews Podcast 360: Guest tech expert Rocco Augusto; Jon & Todd’s so-so Apple predictions

Jon Westfall and I are joined by tech expert Rocco Augusto for this podcast.

  1. Chromebook “everything” button (search button) enhanced
  2. Jon and Todd’s Apple’s 4/20 product announcements predictions scorecard. We were a dismal 5 of 9
  3. Catching up with our old friend Rocco Augusto! Couple of links related to the many things we learned from and about Rocco.
    – Roku (for whom Rocco works) has an Apple TV channel that you can add to watch on your Roku streaming device
    – A Penoval USI Pen that he has been using with a Lenovo Chromebook Duet

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MobileViews Podcast 359: Speculation about Apple’s 4/20 announcements

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Apple April 20 announcements speculation
    iPad Pro
    Mini LED for 12.9 model? Meh?
    Apple Pencil 3
    Spring loaded tip?
    Kano Harry Potter coding Kit
    iPad Pro Magic Keyboard 2
    Current model is interesting but too expensive. Have been very happy with Anker, Arteck, & Logitech Bluetooth keyboards for under $50
    iOS 14.5
    Unlock iPhone with mask on using Apple Watch
    iPad mini 6
    Smaller bezel, bigger screen, same overall size?
    How many years have we been hearing about this?
    AirPods 3
    Apple TV
    I switched to Roku years ago. Apple TV is too expensive
    New Macs
    Probably not. Usually announced during WWDC

    Apple Watch Birthday is April 24 (Next Saturday) – 2015 – 2021

  2. Jon: Laptop phone home

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MobileViews Podcast 340:MobileViews Podcast 340: Apple Silicon M1 Mac mini & MacBook Air first impressions – guest Sven Johannsen

M1 MacBook Air 2020

Jon Westfall and I are joined by guest panelist Sven Johannsen for this podcast. We discuss:

  1. Sven: 5G on iPhone 12 Pro MAX
  2. Happy 25th birthday to The GIMP
  3. M1 Mac Mini
  4. M1 MacBook Air
  5. More MacOS 11 Big Sur
    Preventing Big Sur update on my MacBook Pro so I can continue podcasting
  6. M1 compatibility and M1 apps for MacOS & iOS
    Rogue Amoeba not ready for M1 yet. So, continuing to record podcasts using an Intel-based Mac
  7. Google Chrome for M1 twice as fast as x86 binary in Rosetta 2. And, Chrome x86 worked fine, IMO, using Rosetta 2.
  8. Is Apple Silicon ready?
  9. Infinite Painter iPadOS app for MacOS M1: Use Sidecar to provide touch interface for an M1 enabled iOS app

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