MobileViews Podcast 375: Guest Don Sorcinelli; team building in a telework world; Apple speculation

Jon Westfall and I are joined by frequent guest panelist Don Sorcinelli for this podcast. We discuss:

  1. iPhone 13 (rumors)
    Smaller notch
    120MHz ProMotion Display
    Camera improvements (???)
    A15 processor
    MAYBE – under display Touch ID

    Apple WatchOS 7 (known)
    Family Setup – config Watch for people without an iPhone (e.g., children)
    More customizable watch faces
    Single app can provide more than one complication
    Share faces
    Siri language translation

    iPad mini & iPad 7
    Very little reliable rumors IMO

    AirPods 3

  2. Study of Microsoft employees shows how remote work puts productivity and innovation at risk

    “A new study finds that Microsoft’s company wide shift to remote work has hurt communication and collaboration among different business groups inside the company, threatening employee productivity and long-term innovation.”

  3. Jon’s Rant / Confusion: What do you do with health data? Yes, some actionable advice is easy to tell, but I’m still a bit confused by my Bello belly fat analyzer – it literally hasn’t told me a single thing I couldn’t have already noticed in much lower-tech fashion: a mirror.

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