MobileViews Podcast 513: AI Ghost Voices; Acer Stereo Camera; catching up on recent tech announcements

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I catch up on announcements from the recent Apple, Google, and Microsoft events. We also discuss:

  • The announcement of the Acer SpatialLabs Eyes stereo camera
  • First AI hallucinations. Now, AI Ghost Voices?
  • Looking forward to Apple WWDC next week
  • Jon’s recent Apple Store repair adventure
  • Jon’s rant: Why is Apple & Google Maps’ GPS routing still so bad (compared to the Google owned Waze maps)?

The Adobe Podcast Enhance tool does a great job of cleaning up the podcasts I’ve recorded in some challenging environments – such as restaurants. I’m planning to record some outdoor walk-and-talk tech vlogs was hoping to avoid using wireless lav mics when recording with an Insta360 X4. So, I’ve been testing recording under a variety of ambient sound conditions. The wind tunnel-like Hawaii State Capitol, however, pushed this AI service’s beyond its capability. In this A-B example, you can hear the original recording with my voice sounding faint and distant in windy conditions in the first section. The second section lets you hear the same clip processed by Adobe Podcast Enhance. It appears to have interpreted the wind sounds as human voices and tried to “enhance its speech” leading to what I’m calling “AI Ghost Voices”. It looks like I need to plan to use wireless lav mics after all 🙂

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