MobileViews Podcast 510: Apple May 7 event announcements discussion

Jon Westfall and I are joined by Sven Johannsen for this post-May Apple 7 product announcements discussion.

  • SimCity inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame
  • Email from Google saying Find My Device network will be fully launched on May 13
  • Products that we hoped Apple would announce but did not: iPad Mini, iPad speaker dock (similar to Pixel Tablet dock), AirPods Pro 3 with more biometrics, Colorimeter built into the new Apple Pencil Pro
  • Apple surprises: iPad Pro lost the wide angle camera lens, the iPad Pro is too thin – would have preferrred large battery with longer battery life
  • Things we’re looking forward to at the June Apple WWDC event: A “smarter” Siri; iPad OS 18 gaining a “real” file system
  • Google I/O will be on May 14. No new hardware products expected (or already announced). So, will this be an all-AI/only-AI event?
  • Sven’s new gadgets: OSMO Pocket 3 Desktop Stand, Pocket 3 Microphone Stick; Belkin iPhone MagSafe Mounts for MacBooks, Desktop/Displays, and Apple TV 4K; USB Conference Speakerphone

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