MobileViews Mini-podcast 44: Initial attempt to use Google Meet to record a podcast

Paul Lawler helped me test using Google Meet to record a podcast using its built-in recording feature. It was supposed to be a 3 to 5 minute effort. Unfortunately, one of the extensions in Google Chrome blocked video from me and audio from Paul to me. Fortunately, it occured to me to run Google Meet in a Chrome Incognito window which would not have any extensions. This worked. However, we noticed well into the mini-podcast recording session that Paul’s video was not transmitting. This was fixed by his turnng video on his end off and then back on.
This was not exactly a frictionless exercise. Fortunately, it was a valuable learning exercise. We also discussed the friction involved in using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Apple Facetime, Descript,, and Adobe Podcast Studio beta to record podcasts with remote participants.

Both the audio-only podcast (above) and the YouTube video (below) versions are embedded here.

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