MobileViews Mini-podcast 43: Guest co-host Paul Lawler; Testing Moana wireless lav mic; April 8 total eclipse

In this mini-podcast I’m joined by frequent guest co-host Paul Lawler. We recorded this in-person in a busy restaurant named “Loco Moco” while eating lunch to test the Maono wireless lavalier microphone pair with a USB-C receiver. This mic set has built-in noise reduction which I augmented by post-processing it using Adobe Podcast Enhance set at 50% enhancement. Also included/spliced in are a few seconds of raw audio from a standalone voice recorder to give an idea of the ambient noise level in the restaurant during the podcasting session.

Paul (an avid amateur astronomer) provides information about the upcoming total eclipse on April 8, 2024 and the unfortunate news that we, in Hawaii, will not see much of this eclipse (17% obscuration). We also discuss some of his recent 3D printing efforts. One of his projects, an old style UK Police Box, bears a strong resemblance to an important object in one of our mutual favorite TV series: the BBC’s Doctor Who.

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