MobileViews Podcast 500: Looking back and forward with Steven Hughes, Sven Johannsen, Don Sorcinelli

Jon Westfall and I welcome back frequent podcast panelists: Steve Hughes, Sven Johannsen, and Don Sorcinelli.

This podcast takes a trip down memory lane with past podcast highlights and looks forward to upcoming tech events and deals.

Looking Back:

  • Early smartphone days: We revisit discussions on iPhone app pricing (2008) and the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1 (2008).
  • Mobile OS transitions: We note Jon Westfall’s podcast debut in 2013 as he discusses moving from Windows Phone.
  • Tech milestones: We celebrate reaching podcast episode 100 in 2014 and episode 200 in 2017.
  • Fan favorites: We remember the “Best of 2019 (so far)” episode in 2019 and Frank McPherson’s appearances.

Looking Forward:

  • Apple event speculation: We ponder the possibility of a new Apple event in March and the potential for new iPads.
  • Remembering the “doomed” Apple Car: We acknowledge the recent news about Apple abandoning its car project due to reportedly overambitious goals of surpassing Tesla.
  • MWC 2024 highlights: We point listeners to a CNET article showcasing the coolest tech from the recent Mobile World Congress event.

Tech Deals:

  • Beats Studio Pro headphones: Score a discount on these headphones, marked down from $349 to $199.95.
  • HyperDrive 6-in-1 USB-C Media Hub: This handy gadget is available for just $50.99, originally priced at $99.99.
  • Jon’s mildly terrifying scooter: While not exactly a deal, Jon shares his recent (and slightly scary) scooter purchase.

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