MobileViews Mini-Podcast 38: Absgeega wireless lav mic test with an iPad mini 6

The earlier Absgeega wireless lavalier mic model I bought worked well with Android devices. However, when using an iPhone or iPad, the recorded volume was extremely low. After noting this in a 3-star Amazon review, Absgeega contacted me and offered a refund. However, since I was able to use it to record in-person podcasts using an Android-based Pixel 7a, I turned down that offer.

The Google Pixel 7a runs a lot hotter than my iPhone and iPad devices. In fact, it issued a thermal warning near the end of both podcasts recorded using it. So, there is a practical aspect for my preference to use an iOS/iPadOS device to record in-person podcasts.

They then offered to send a newer model after it became available. The Absgeega K61 appeared a few days ago. This mini-podcast was recorded outdoors using it with an iPad mini 6 and an audio recording app named Just Press Record.

Aside from recording at usable volume levels on iOS/iPadOS devices, the K61 has several improvements over the previous model.

  • It includes a charging case that charges both lav mics using a single USB-C charging cable. The case also has a storage slot for the transceiver that is powered by the recording device. Like the previous model, the K61 includes a USB-C-to-Lightning and USB-C-to-USB-A that lets you use it with a variety of computers.
  • The charging case has a useful LCD displaying the charge level as the lav mics are being charged.
  • There is a “windproof net” integrated into each mic. The previous model has a small foam windshield. As you might imagine, this is probably easy to lose.
  • The clip on each lav mic is longer/larger than the clips on the previous model. This makes it much easier to attach it to clothing.

Available via Google Music Podcasts and Apple iTunes.

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