MobileViews mini-podcast 36: ABSGEEGA wireless LAV – dealing with its audio quality issues

ABSGEEGA wireless lav vs. iPad mini 6 built-in mic volume difference

The main problem using this wireless lav is its low volume audio. In this test, I held the lav mic about two inches from my face instead of clipping it to my collar. And yet, the volume levels were still very low. You can see the differences in audio recoding volume in the first figure here showing the lav and iPad mini 6 mic (held about 6 to 8 inches from my face) recordings.

Audacity adjustments to deal with ABSGEEGA wireless lav low volume & “muddy” sound quality

The second issue with this lav mic is its muddy audio recording quality. This might be a combination of its low cost components (which, of course, keeps its price low and affordable) and the foam wind shield. I might try removing the wind shield and see if the trade-off of more volume with more ambient sound is preferable.

You can see in the second figure here that extreme adjustments I made to bass, treble, and volume using Audacity to try to improve the audio quality.

The first segment of this mini-podcast was recorded using the wireless lav. And, the last 30 seconds were recorded using the iPad mini 6’s built-in mic for comparison. Note that there is a short 5 second segment at about the 10 second mark of the podcast that let’s you hear unprocessed recording. The volume is so low that it might seem like silence. I should also note that I needed to amplify the lav mic recording’s volume a second time using a separate Audacity tool.

Despite these shortcomings, I think the post-processed audio is “listenable” and suitable for infrequent outdoor podcast recordings of conversations. However, if I would recommend purchasing a higher-end product for “serious” recordings.

As a sidenote, I recorded this mini-podcast on an iPad mini 6 using the Just Press Record app to test its speech-to-text transcription feature. You can see a transcription of the segment recorded using the iPad’s mic below.

Alrighty still if 11th move these mini podcast 36 I’ve switched to the iPad mini six is built-in microphone and I’ll just see a few words. It should be nice and loud although the you should be able to hear a lot of ambient sound, which is what you would expect I don’t think you’ll hear much ambient sound when you listen to the first part of this mini podcast recorded using the inexpensive some $30 wireless laugh Mike that’s it. Thank you.

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