MobileViews Podcast 431: Evernote changing hands

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I discuss:

Audio Hijack 4.0.6

Twitter bought by Elon Musk

Broadcom bought VMware

HP bought Poly (was Polycom)

Evernote, once the king of note-taking apps, has been bought by Bending Spoons

A conversation with Evernote CEO Phil Libin
I had not started numbering the podcasts when this was recorded in January 2009

Jon’s Thoughts: Dedicated Feature-Built Apps vs. Jacks of All Trades
Web Apps vs. Native
Third-Party vs. First-Party: What are our picks (must haves) on either.
One-off vs. Ecosystem
Front Ends vs. Command-Line
Note-taking app Vs. Word Processor
Streaks / Dedicated Task Managers / Planner apps vs. Built-in Tasks (Reminders, Outlook tasks)
Money Management / Calculation Apps vs. Spreadsheets

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