MobileViews Podcast 426: Preparing a low-cost retiree digital workspace

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I discuss my senior citizen/retiree low cost digital workspace. You can see the dusty/cobwebbed Kensington lock that I obviously haven’t looked at or cleaned in the 15 years since I setup the then new 2007 Apple iMac.

  1. Senior citizen digital workspace
    Making space on a small table by retiring my 2007 iMac 21-inch
    Preparing for
    Reduced mobility
    Reduced income
    Amazon Prime Preview sale
    $160 mini-PC. Intel Celeron N5095. 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD. Windows 11 Pro
    No USB-C ports. No USB-C power option
    BYO keyboard/mouse/display
    $80 21-inch thin-light LCD display
    $70 100-watt GaN (Gallium Nitride) flat power strip. 2 AC pop-up outlets. 2 USB-A. 2 USB-C. GaN == more efficient, less heat
    $30 (Sams Club) monitor stand with 4 USB-A ports
    $50 One by Wacom USB drawing tablet
  2. Pew Research: Share of those 65 and older who are tech users has grown in the past decade
  3. Bloomberg/Mark Gurman October Apple product announcement speculation
    M2 iPad Pro
    Lower price iPad w/USB-C port
    2023 release of Google Pixel-like docking stand-hub with speakers/charger

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