MobileViews Podcast 424: Who is the Amazon Scribe for? Also, Open Educational Resources (OER)

Kindle Scribe
In this podcast Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  • Who is the Amazon Kindle Scribe for?
    Basic vs. premium Wacom EMR pen
    Premium pen has an eraser and programmable button
    $340 vs. $370 by adding premium pen
    Premium pen included for 32 and 64GB models
    16, 32, 64GB sizes
    Kindle notebook app
    4 years of system updates

    The current gen 10.2″ iPad starts at $330 with 64GB RAM. The Apple Pencil (gen 1) adds another $130 to the cost.

    The base Kindle Scribe
    Includes the basic pen
    EMR pens do not need recharging or Bluetooth pairing
    Has a paperwhite display
    Readable in sunlight
    Much longer battery life than an iPad (in reading mode)

  • Jon’s Thoughts:
    First compelling redesign since the Oasis, which is 5+ years old now.
    Really like it, and if I didn’t already have an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil + Notes in OneNote + Apple Notes then I’d jump on it.
    But at this point, do I want to complicate my life with another fractured note taking experience? But the e-Ink display is SO tempting.
    Nice to see a competitor to the ReMarkable.
    Note syncing and storage(?) requires a subscription $3/month
    Kindle Notes and Highlights on the web
  • Hyperlinks in handwriting
  • Open educational resources
    Noba Project – Teach and learn psychology for free
    OpenStax – Part of Rice University. Openly licensed college textbooks that are absolutely free online and low cost in print.
    OpenIntro – Statistics & mathematics
    OER Commons – public digital library of open educational resources

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