MobileViews Podcast 422: Apple Apocalypse Product Announcements

Guest panelist Sven Johannsen joins Jon Westfall and me for this podcast. We discuss Apple’s September 8 product announcements which had a disaster/apocalyptic tone.

  1. CNN: Apple’s latest products and features take aim at our greatest fears
  2. iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max
    Dynamic Island
    Always-on Display (like my 2020 Google Pixel 4a)
    Still has a lightning connector instead of USB-C ????
    Wiki- The iPad Pro, released in 2015, features the first Lightning connector supporting USB 3.0 host.(5 Gbit/s) The only accessory that supports USB 3.0 is the new camera adapter. Normal USB-A – Lightning cables are still USB 2.0. How about USB-C to lightning???
  3. Use Emergency SOS via satellite on your iPhone 14
  4. Wi-Fi Comes to Mount Kilimanjaro
  5. iOS 16
    iCloud Shared Photo Library – coming later this year
  6. CNET: iOS 16 for iPhone: Every Cool New Feature Arriving Monday
  7. Jon: upgraded to iOS 16, pleasantly surprised by quality of life improvements that previously I thought would be snoozes.
  8. Apple Watch Series 8 & Apple Watch Ultra
    Apple watch series 8 Stainless (starts $749 [41mm], $799 [45mm]) vs Ultra ($799)
  9. AirPods Pro 2nd gen
    Volume control on stem
  10. Jon received the Linus Tech Tips backpack (See Episode 418) and have some impressions pre-use as a daily driver.

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