MobileViews Podcast 413: Backups and deduplication – iMazing, dupeGuru

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Jon finished a project from April 2020- the great “Duplication” hunt on his NAS. What do people do for backups / redundancy at home?



  2. Jon tried using Universal Control this week after he realized he could. Mixed reactions. Also making me wonder what I’m missing out by using a 10 year old Apple Cinema Display through a USB Hub versus something that natively would support Thunderbolt / USB 3 (Mine natively supports Mini Display port…). So when do you upgrade a monitor?!?
  3. WiFi weirdness. My 2019 Macbook Pro can connect to some 11G access points, but not all. I sometimes see this on my 2018 iPad Pro too

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