MobileViews Podcast 411: iPadOS 16 best new features only for the M1

Apple iPadOS 16 with external display

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I discuss the Apple WWDC announcements that interested us the most

  1. Blue Yeti (left) & Blue Yeti Nano (right) microphones

    Blue Yeti (left) & Blue Yeti Nano (right) microphones

    I used my new Blue Yeti Nano microphone for the first time for this podcast. It replaces the full-size Blue Yeti that I’ve used for years to record podcasts
  2. These iPadOS 16 features only work on the M1 iPads
  3. What’s Jon looking forwards to?
    Lock screen customizations look useful.
    Dictation and keyboard can be interchangeably mixed.
    Schedule email and undo send. Wonder if schedule email is client side or server side?
    Very interested to see if they can get Passkey to take passwords on. Moderately successful with Sign In With Apple ID, which I assume will definitely support it.
    Handoff expanding to FaceTime
    Redesigned Weather Apps across the board.
    WatchOS 9 has some nice workout tweaks – looking forward to custom workout?

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