MobileViews Podcast 396: pre-Apple March 8 announcements

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. 9to5Google: YouTube offering podcasters $50-300K ‘grants’ to make video versions of shows

  2. MacRumors: Everything We Expect to See From the Apple Event on March 8

    iPhone SE 5G
    iPad Air
    Mac mini
    13″ MacBook Pro
  3. What we wish Apple would announce
  4. Discussion detour:
    The Oatmeal: How to Pet a Kitty
    The Oatmeal: How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell
  5. Errant search results: Bag made of apple skins Samara mini bag made out of apple skins
  6. There is a growing interest lately among millennial YouTubers to discuss throwback tech. What makes the 2000-2010 cell phone tech and 1995-2005 computer tech so interesting to them?
  7. Remember when bags used to be able to carry EVERYTHING: THe Gadgeteer: Roadwired Megamedia Bag
    +the gadgets we used to tote that necessitated a giant bag

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