MobileViews Podcast 392

In podcast 392, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Google Calculator progressive web app
  2. Verizon’s phone contracts are all three years now – if you buy a device on monthly payment plan
  3. Google wants schools to teach Chromebook repair classes – going against the years long trend of unfixable hardware
  4. Jon’s “Going Stock” for a bit
    Oddity of iOS Mail & iOS Reminders / MacOS Mail & MacOS Reminders sharing of information. Right click on the subject line and choose share. Mail is oddly a walled garden within a walled garden!
    Smart Lists in Reminders are pretty nice, but missing a Not operator!
    Tags are sync’ed between Reminders & Notes, but not Email & Calendar?!?
    iOS Mail markup of PDFs is much nicer than third-party.
  5. Jon found a great thing on Amazon for cold climates: INNOPAW Hand Warmers Rechargeable,10000mAh Split-Magnetic 2 Pack,Electric Reusable Hand Warmers Power Bank Portable Charger,3 Levels

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