MobileViews Podcast 333: Initial impressions-iPadOS 14 & Apple Watch Series 6

  1. Todd’s pre-pandemic & pandemic note taking journey
  2. iPadOS 14 impressions
    • Battery widget, by default, doesn’t show percentage of charge numerically. Need to delete, re-add the widget, and select from the three available widget appearance types before re-adding
    • Non-Apple widgets are second class citizens
    • The P-Calc widget is functional. Other widgets are really more like app launchers with information in the widget icon
    • Scribble not supported by the non-Apple apps I’ve tried so far
  3. Charty for iOS
  4. Apple Watch Series 6
  5. Jon’s tip: Back Tap discovery – in Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Back Tap, can be hooked to a Siri Shortcut – and Siri Shortcuts can be used to make menus of other shortcuts, so you have your own shortcut menu!
  6. ElevationHub for MacBook USB-C Power Adapters

Available via Google Music Podcasts and Apple iTunes.