MobileViews Podcast 99: New iPad/Mac speculation, connected devices, tips

Recorded: October 11, 2014

– Apple Oct. 16 announcements. New iPads – sure. iMacs – maybe. Mac mini – ? What happens to the iPod touch?
– Connected health devices. Ref: Mobile Health News & NPD
– Background content for Google Chromecast Ref: Google Chrome Blog
– AAA hands-free voice cognitive distraction ratings. Ref: AAA

Tips & Product Picks
– LEGO mini-figs to hold Apple lightning and other thin cables
– MMS support added to Google Voice. Enables support for, for example, Fandango movie tickets and other image based text messages. Ref: Google
– Diaries – the kind you might actually keep up with. Or for the young crowd: a social network of 1
Day One (Mac OS / iOS; ). Reminds you to write entries, gives you prompts to get you thinking (i.e. “What was your favorite game in childhood”)
— Evernote (Especially emailed with tags – shorthand: @notebook #tag in email subject to auto categorize
— Automating your life: Hazel & Keyboard Maestro for Mac OS X, IFTTT, Dropbox as a go-between

Konspiracy Korner
Ref: Wall Street Journal – IRobot Introduces System to Help Machines Think for Themselves