MobileViews iPod Troubleshooting Reference Page

Way back on May 11, 2006 (forever in Internet time), I posted a blog item on the MacDevCenter asking…

Cause for iPod nano Spontaneous Reset?

Although the cause of the problem is now known and resolved, this blog item continues to attract questions from people with, apparently, all kinds of iPod issues. It doesn’t seem appropriate to use that blog item as some kind of general iPod issues forum (especially since there are other sites better suited and more focused on that topic). So, I put together a page here (look at the left side bar area under Pages) titled…

MobileViews iPod info

…to help people find iPod troubleshooting information and discussion areas.

I’ve listed a small sampling of the questions my original blog item attracted on that page and will, as time permits, provide specific pointers for some or all of them. Hope this helps the various people with iPod issues that posted to my old blog item.