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Part 2: 5th Gen. iPod nano Video Compared to Flip Ultra

5th Gen. iPod nano & Flip Ultra Video Recordings Compared Part II from Todd Ogasawara on Vimeo.

Based on the chance that the 5th generation iPod nano focused on the raindrops falling near its lens in the first video comparison with the Flip Ultra, I took both devices to a different location. You can see the two video recordings compared here. I think the Flip Ultra clearly dealt with dynamic lighting changes much better than the iPod nano. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Flip Ultra is a superior video recording device.

However, Cisco (Flip’s current owner) has a problem on its hands. Because, the iPod nano is a lot smaller, a lot more fun to carry around, and records video that is pretty good (though not as good as the Flip Ultra).

Video Recorded with 5th gen. iPod nano Compared to Flip Ultra

MobileViews: 5th gen. iPod nano Video Compared to Flip Ultra from Todd Ogasawara on Vimeo.

You can see my first comparison of the same scene recorded using the new 5th generation iPod nano and the Flip Ultra. Both record at 640×480. The iPod nano video seems a lot darker than the Flip Ultra video. But, I’m beginning to think that it may be because it auto-focused on the rain drops. If you look at both video recordings, you’ll note that the rain drops seen in the iPod nano video are distinct and in-focus while the rain drops in the Flip Ultra video are blurred lines. However, the scene beyond the sheet of drops is easier to see.

I obviously need to do more comparison testing.

Mini-Podcast 13: 5th gen. iPod nano First Impressions Recorded Using an iPod nano

Mini-Podcast 13 was recorded using the 5th generation iPod nano’s built-in microsoft.

Topics covered:
– Video camera
– FM Radio
– Voice memo using built-in microphone
– Pedometer
– Voice over

This mini-podcast is 4 minutes and 43 seconds long.

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iPod vs. Zune? If You Have a Teenager, Don’t Bother to Ask – 100% Want an iPod

1st generation Zune (left), 1st generation iPod nano (middle), 4th generation iPod nano (right)

If you have a teenager, don’t bother to ask if he or she would prefer an iPod or a Zune. According to CNET’s summary of a Piper Jaffray survey…

Teen survey makes Microsoft’s Zune seem futile

The percentage of teens who want a zune as of the most recent survey is 100%. This is all the more surprising since their Fall 2008 survey showed that 15% planned to buy a Zune while 79% wanted an iPod (3% were looking at Sony’s offering).

I know I performed this survey on a very very small scale (my teenager) a few years ago (when she wasn’t a teenager to be honest). I asked her if she would like a Zune I had received as a gift since it can playback video and has an FM radio. She was using a 1st generation iPod nano at the time which did not have either feature. She looked at the Zune and said she would rather keep using her 1st generation nano. I later bought her an iPod touch. But, she preferred the nano even then, BTW. Last year, I replaced her 1st generation nano with a 4th generation model. She’s very happy with that now (still doesn’t use the iPod touch much).