MobileViews Podcast 436: Hawaii Techies #5 guest Ryan Ozawa-from Meta to Substack

Ryan Ozawa

Ryan Ozawa

This is my first retirement podcast! It is also the first time I’ve originated a Zoom call to record a podcast. And, I learned, Zoom asks you to update itself if it finds itself installed on an M1-based Mac. It is also the first podcast recorded on a Mac running MacOS 13.x. Audio software tends to get fussy when Apple updates MacOS, so I still haven’t updated my “production” Mac used for every podcast in the past couple of years. Rogue Amoeba Audio Hijack Pro only recently was updated to support MacOS 13.1. And, it requires reducing security in MacOS to be used. I also learned that its recommended workflow for recording a podcast using Zoom is rubbish. Using Rogue Amoeba’s recommended template results in an echo of the person running Audio Hijack. Removing that part of the workflow removes that problem.

Audio Hijack Pro 4 workflow to use with Zoom for recording podcasts

Questions for Ryan Ozawa

  • Moving Hawaii Bulletin from Meta Bulletin to Substack
  • Hawaii in-person tech events
  • Twitter alternatives: Mastadon and Post
  • Have you tried the Arc browser? I’m on the waiting list