MobileViews Podcast 429: The need for Certified Minimally Viable End-users

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  • USB-C tester/multimeter
  • M2 iPad Pro battery life is horrible. Significant battery loss when in Airplane Mode
  • Discovery: Apple Watch Chargers can get dirty, and when they do, they don’t charge properly and can actually cause discharge.
  • Waiting for iPadOS 16.2: External extended display for M1/M2 iPads and Freeform. Mid-December?
  • Horrible idea:
    Bloomberg-Apple’s Next Change for Siri: Dropping ‘Hey’ From ‘Hey Siri’ Trigger
  • Todd’s Rant (in a caring way): People should not be allowed to use a computer for business purposes unless:
    They have a professional IT support team and a defined set of processes and practices that they are required to follow
    Lacking an IT support team, they go through a process to certify them as a minimally viable end-user
    Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

    What IT support doesn’t fix:
    Fully-justified text with no understanding of typography: Kerning, tracking, leading
    Documents formatting that looks more like a ransom note than a document
    Center justified columns of numbers in spreadsheets
    Spreadsheets formatted as a report when it needs to organized for analysis
    Slides packed with text far exceeding the 7×7 rule

    Jon’s corollary: I can add into this the advice I tell my students: You can be the most articulate and well-educated person, but if the product you’re putting out looks like crap, you will be judged by it. And never let me hear you say “But people don’t notice that…” They notice, consciously or unconsciously.

  • Jon’s funny story about his Withings Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Jon has a Popupiano to join his Populele

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