In all fairness: Another look/listen to the STADOR K23 Bluetooth wireless earbuds

K23 Bluetooth earbuds could play but not record audio on a Macbook Air 2020 M1

In a recent mini-podcast, MobileViews Blog :: MobileViews Mini-Podcast 32: Microphones comparisons, I tested audio recording quality of several microphones and declared the STADOR K23 as a no-show because while I could hear audio on it from my Macbook, I could not record audio using it with Audacity.

This was not a show stopper since its main purpose was to listen to audio and not to record with it. However, I gave it another try by pairing it with a Windows 10 laptop PC. Specifically, I used it with Microsoft Teams for conference calls. The microphone worked with this combination of hardware and software. The audio quality was good with a reasonable volume level.

The earbuds with over the ear soft hooks are comfortable when wearing for relatively long periods of time (multiple conference calls). The charging case is huge! I estimate it is four times larger than an Apple AirPods Pro charging case. That said, the K23’s case can work with either a USB-C or USB-A cable. And, its front panel LCD shows charge level in percent (vs. just yellow or green light indicators). I have a suspicion that its soft silicone over the ear hooks will deteriorate after a year or two. However, depending on your price tolerance, its relatively low cost may make up for that possible future state.

Its list price is $60US but is available from Amazon for $39US

STADOR K23 (Amazon link)