MobileViews Podcast 408: Mostly Google topics; making peace with OneNote; Jon’s Siri Shortcut solution

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Chromebooks will now tell you when you’re using the wrong USB-C cable

    The new feature is coming first to Chromebooks with 11th or 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs that support USB4 or Thunderbolt, according to the blog, “with more devices to come.”

  2. Recently (sometime in the past 10 days), I noticed that Chrome on the Chromebook requires me to add Google Docs Online to enable pasting text into Google Docs even though I am online
    Google Docs Offline
  3. Apple Music is now available on Waze
    With a direct connection between the apps, you can now access Apple Music content directly from the Waze Audio Player
  4. Look closer and take better notes with your Chromebook – Google Cursive
    Cursive will be preinstalled on all eligible Chromebooks – just tap the Everything Button and search for the app – or you can download it by going to and tap “install” in the toolbar.
  5. Speaking of note taking: Todd is finally trying to come to terms with OneNote – by using it on a Chromebook in a web browser. Using it to jot down notes for a series of “thoughts before I go” pre-retirement blog posts on GeezerViews
  6. Jon’a annoyance at Siri solved – my own playlists now reliably triggered by a Siri Shortcut.
  7. Button Bluetooth Remote Control Kit for iPhone and Android

Available via Google Music Podcasts and Apple iTunes.

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