iOS 7 breaks apps like Google Voice that use push notifications


The biggest headache iOS 7 has caused so far (less than 12 hours after installing it) is that it breaks Google Voice. To be honest, it doesn’t cause the Google Voice app to crash or be unable to receive texts. However, after upgrading my iPhone 5 to iOS 7, I see this message continually after launching Google Voice and then signing into my account. Pressing the OK button dismisses the pop-up window only to have another window pop-up. No amount of pressing OK breaks the loop. Even worse, pressing the Home button doesn’t take me out of the app. Only a soft-reset gets the iPhone 5 out of the loop.

I’ve reinstalled the app several times. And, yes, I connected it to iTunes as the message recommends. It turns out that this may be a somewhat common problem after upgrading to iOS 7. The “fix”, unfortunately, is a hard reset and restore. Anyone who has done that on a “mature” device knows that this can be a long process. So, I’ll try this on Friday evening when I have some time. In the meantime, it is a good thing I also have an Android phone so I can continue to deal with text messages using Google Voice.

You can see what others have said about this problem in the Apple Support Communities site:

ios 7 push notifications not working