Booting Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix Not Faster From a Hard Disk

My UNR Acer Aspire One boot time post over on got a response from Chris. He tried it on a Acer Aspire One retrofitted with a 30GB hard drive. Unfortunately, it looks like the boot time is slow even switching from a Solid State Drive (what my Aspire One has) to an HD.

Hi Todd,
I’ve installed a 30Gb hard drive in my A110, so I installed 9.04 NBR last night and measured boot time to see if it was much faster. I measured from power on to when the desktop appears (auto login) and I got 65 seconds – with a further 5 for the wireless to connect. So that’s 70 total, then perhaps another 10 or more seconds to start Firefox – not great!

The distro is definitely the best I have tried yet though, in terms of hardware support. The right-hand memory card reader doesn’t work properly but the left-hand one is fine.


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