Intermittent Problems are the Worst: SIM Problem?

My WiMo smartphone loses all connectivity every once in a while. Once in a while is defined as once every week or two. It has happened three times in the past month. I noticed that a SIM message was on my screen when it happened the other day. I opened the battery cover, pulled the battery, and reseated the SIM card. Actually, I did this about three times before my phone booted normally. It kept recycling through the boot process the first two times never displaying the Windows Mobile Today screen.

The problem is too intermittent to test cleanly. I’ve been thinking about switching to another WiMo phone for a while to see if the problem is the SIM itself or the connector in my main phone (a Dash). The SIM is about 4 years old. So, it has been in and out of various phones over those years. It may be that its connector is wearing out. Ack.