I miss the Fail Whale. Don’t like the new Twitter mutant


Saw this for the first time this morning. What the heck is this Twitter mutant thing? I miss the old Fail Whale.

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Screenshot tour of Twitter for Android 3.0.0

If you are wondering what Twitter for Android 3.0.0 looks like with its redesigned UI, wonder no more. Here’s a screenshot tour of the updated app.

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USAToday 1.1 iPhone App Can Post to Your Facebook or Twitter Account


The recently updated free USA TODAY 1.1 for iPhone app has a neat new feature. You can post a news link directly from the app to your Facebook or Twitter account.


You can see the result of posting an item to Twitter in the screenshot above. I have my Facebook account set to automatically read and post my tweets. So, everything I post to Twitter eventually gets posted to my Facebook account too. Now, if USA Today and other news apps would app the ability to save to Delicious, I would be very very happy.


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Microsoft Backstage at MED Blog: Top 5 Windows Mobile Twitter Apps

The Microsoft MSDN Backstage at MED blog IDs the…

Top 5 Windows Mobile Twitter Apps

Actually, as the blog admits, these are the only five Twitter apps (plus a homescreen plugin) for WiMo they know of (me too for that matter). The apps are:

1. TinyTwitter
2. Pocketwit
3. Twobile
4. CETwit
5. Twitula

…and the home screen plugin

– Twit Today

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Work at home & on the move? Twitter is my Virtual Water Cooler

I’ve been a full-time blogger for 3 months now (check out my day job blog MobileAppsToday.com). I’m pretty happy to be working alone and uninterrupted most of the time. But, it is nice to interact with real people now and then too. Although I used Twitter before making this job-lifestyle change, it has become invaluable as my virtual water cooler weather working at home or on the road (with netbook and smartphone(s) in tow).

I maintain a locked personal Twitter account to talk/tweet with people I actually know for this purpose. It was one of the smartest things I’ve done, I think. I also have a public Twitter account to mostly talk about my work and tweet with people I don’t know personally. You can find this public account at:


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What is the Best Windows Mobile Twitter Client?

I’m trying to figure out what is the best Windows Mobile Twitter client for me. I wonder if touch (Professional) vs non-touch (Standard) WiMo phones have different best clients? The Twitter Fan Wiki has a bunch listed under…

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Any opinions out there? What is the best Twitter client for a WiMo smartphone (non-touch) or Pocket PC (touch) in your opinion?

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