MobileViews mini-podcast 33: Testing Adobe Podcast beta – noise reduction & speech enhancement A/B comparison

In this mini-podcast (4 minutes 45 seconds long), I give my initial impressions of Adobe Podcast beta which claims to reduce noise and enhance speech for podcasts.

I fed it a podcast recorded a few weeks ago (MobileViews Podcast 440). For this podcast, I used a low cost ($30) VIM VIP condenser mic. My podcast co-host, Jon Westfall, used a mic built into a headphone. So, we did not use any high end recording mics.

For this mini-podcast intro, I’m using an affordable $99 Blue Yeti condenser mic.

While Adobe Podcast appears to volume level multiple speakers, the noise reductions and speech enhancements seems to be doing clipping volume levels and then filtering out high frequencies. The result, to my ears, is a muddier sound than the original.

However, this may be because my podcast co-host Jon Westfall and I recorded this podcast using Microsoft Teams which performs real-time noise reduction. So, Adobe Podcast’s attempt to filter noise resulted in the muddier sound.

The lesson here is perform a test using any tool before

You can hear a short snippet of the original podcast recording and then the same snippet after it was processed by Adobe Podcast beta

Available via Google Music Podcasts and Apple iTunes.

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