MobileViews Podcast 372: Pixel 5a? Wait for Windows 11 before buying a new PC. Flip phones redux?

  1. A big congratulations to an old friend who has been on this podcast a few times: Ryan Ozawa
    Hawaii tech writer selected for Facebook journalism initiative

    “…25 independent local journalists from across the country have joined the initiative, which says it recognizes that local news is the heartbeat of our communities. Facebook Bulletin is a new platform for writers, independent experts, and authoritative voices to find, build, and monetize, their audience.”

    Hawaii – Facebook Bulletin

  2. Buy a Pixel 5a?
  3. Wait for Windows 11 before buying a new PC?
  4. Flip phones redux?
    Samsung Z Flip 3 and Fold Z 3 … Wondering, are flips/folds almost ready for prime time?
  5. Jon’s remote system access solution using Apache Guacamole (HTML 5 compliant VNC/SSH client)
    Home network is behind a VPN, but what if you’re on a system that doesn’t have your VPN client on?
    Apache Guacamole(HTML 5 compliant VNC/SSH client) + to publish it out secured with SSL. Has 2 factor authentication and can access all my machines including VPN clients (So I can have my laptop in one office on campus connected to my home VPN, and can be in a classroom across campus and access my portal.
  6. Looking forward to Google Cursive (yet another note taking service)

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