MobileViews Podcast 364: Google I/O – meh; Apple AirTag; Backup strategies; Apple Arcade Solitaire+

In this podcast,Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Apple AirTags first impressions
  2. Apple Arcade: Solitaire+. Mobilityware gamified a game
  3. Google I/O 2021 – meh
  4. Jon’s been using his Apple Watch a lot over the past year…
  5. Apple Watch Assistive Touch looks awesome. Sorry Mudra Band… Apple may have beat you to it.
  6. USA Today: Assistive Touch
    Also: Eye tracking for the iPad
  7. What’s your mobile backup strategy / Backup strategy in general. Builds off topic of Google photos in recent weeks.
  8. Starting to think about the Digital after-life

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