MobileViews Podcast 316: Most influential/favorite iPads apps over the past decade

Jon Westfall and I reflect and discuss the most important and favorite iPad apps since the tablet’s introduction in 2010.

  1. Former Windows chief reveals Microsoft’s reaction to the iPad
  2. The iPad Turns 10: A Look Back at Its First Decade
  3. Millennials stand out for their technology use, but older generations also embrace digital life
    Gen X, Millennials, and Boomers all are at 50%+ tablet ownership

    ” Unlike with smartphones and social media, tablet ownership is now comparable across most generations. Today, 55% of Gen Xers, 53% of Millennials and 52% of Boomers say they own tablets.”

  4. Most important/influential iPad apps in the past decade
    Safari for iPad browser – near desktop-like experience
    Garageband for iPad
    Flipboard (not as popular now, but still available)
    Microsoft Office 365 – grudgingly accepted subscriptions by this point)
    Gmail for iPad
    Comixology (now owned by Amazon)
    Amazon Kindle app
    Netflix (changed the way Todd thinks about service subscriptions)
    Evernote, OneNote, Noteability, and other note taking apps
    Amazon & other shopping apps
    LumaVision (Ricky Li’s recommendation) – I haven’t used it but it gets mentioned in other lists
  5. App types that seemed like a good idea but weren’t
    Magazine apps – Time Magazine / Zinio
    “second screen” dedicated apps – Avatar, Bambi, etc.
    Apple iBooks & iBooks Creator (Jon disagrees, iBooks isn’t great, but it’s solid)
    Recipe apps – true for all kinds of computers (Jon disagrees, recipes need to be integrated into something, like AnyList)
  6. Todd
    Civilization Revolution (no longer compatible)
    Plants vs. Zombies HD
    Google Keep
  7. Jon
    Noteshelf & iAnnotate – let me eliminate paper.
    Classic games (GTA 3, GTA Vice City)
    Ticket to Ride / Carcassone / Mini Metro / Plague Inc. / Rebel Inc.
    Microsoft Office & Google Drive apps
    Scrivener and apps that allow me to do niche desktop things (Working Copy for Git repos, CryptoDisks for opening Truecrypt/veracrypt containers, SSH Tunnel, and Screens)

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