MobileViews Podcast 307: Google buying fitbit, Xerox buying HP, Jon’s AirPod Pro

Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Google bought Fitbit
    Now what? How long until Fitbit and its server, which holds Fitbit data, disappears?
  2. CNBC: Xerox has made a cash-and-stock offer for HP, sources say
  3. Unified Office App for iOS and Android
  4. Jon bought AirPods Pro, and he’s quite impressed with them (compared to first gen airpods)
  5. The 500GB external HD backup for my 2008 iMac died. I think it was my second HD for it and this one lasted 7 years. Feel like I got my money’s worth. Bought a 5TB HD for under $100 to replace it.
  6. Enjoying my Lenovo Chromebook C330 in the office. But!!! I found that it is not lap-able. I think it it is because its inexpensive case is too flexible. This causes the touchpad to move the cursor on its own when typing on my lap.
  7. Can’t find my old Qi wireless charger. So, bought a $14 Yootech charger.

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