MobileViews Podcast 306: My Microsoft-Chromebook experiment

In this podcast Jon and I discuss:

  1. Audio changes? Switched from Levelator to Rogue Amoeba Fission for volume leveling. But, it does not behave the same was a Levelator which actually increases the volume as part of the leveling process. Since I can’t move to MacOS Catalina because Audacity doesn’t have a version for it yet, I will go back to using Levelator until I am able to upgrade to Catalina.

    Note: Audio Hijack just got an upgrade that makes it compatible with Catalina.

  2. New shell in MacOS Catalina is ZSH?
  3. Microsoft Chromebook experiment
    Bought a low-end Chromebook: ARM processor, 4 GB RAM, 64GB eMMC
    Installed Android Office 365 apps.
  4. Google Chromecast
    Will carry one to project the Chromebook display on large display/projectors for presentations
  5. This Android Central article is dead wrong:
    Comparing the Pixelbook Go to cheap Chromebooks is silly and everyone should stop doing it
    In fact, this is exactly what I did after hearing the the Pixelbook Go announcement and then deciding to buy a much lower priced Lenovo C330.
  6. The strange effect of carrying AirPods on my belt versus in my bag. Will the same thing happen to my Apple Pencil?

    TwelveSouth AirSnap airpod carrying case

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