MobileViews Podcast 242: Google Chrome ad filtering, Pixel 2/XL battery life issues, Windows 10 on ARM limitations, & more

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Some Google Pixel 2/XL owners reporting poor battery life and phones running warm after February security patch
  2. Below 68 degrees, your Pixel 2 says it’s charging rapidly, but it isn’t.
  3. Under the hood: How Chrome’s ad filtering works
  4. Google is removing the “view image” button from image search after a lawsuit from getty images. Win for content creators but loss for users. And is it really that big of a win?
  5. Social Media news: Snapchat CEO doubles down on re-design that clearly separates content from friends and content from companies. Related, Facebook must stop tracking users in Belgium. Interesting how Snapchat is seen as the ‘millennials social network’ and their users are protesting the separation of friend/brand content, whereas Facebook, the old people’s social network, is told “Stop trying to sell our data to brands!”
  6. Bye bye Twitter for MacOS. The Verge
  7. Microsoft Finally Documents the Limitations of Windows 10 on ARM

    32-bit apps only – for now
    Utilities that modify the Windows user interface will not run
    Cannot use x86 drivers
    Older games and graphics apps may not work
    No Hyper-V

  8. Will iOS 12 be mostly about bug fixes and stability versus new features? I hope not! Come on Apple, in a few short months at WWDC, I want to be “WOW’ed, (Same goes to you Google)

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