MobileViews Podcast 231: 9th anniversary for this podcast. Guest: Frank McPherson

Jon Westfall and I are joined by frequent guest panelist Frank McPherson to observe the 9th anniversary of the MobileViews podcast.

  1. Apple’s $350 HomePod won’t be available until next year. Ref: ars technica
  2. Microsoft had to make a binary edit to patch the Office Equation Editor because it was developed by a third party and Microsoft doesn’t have access to the source code. Ref: 0 Patch blog
  3. Glad I didn’t buy the Google Pixel Buds on a whim…

    Google Pixel Buds review: the future shouldn’t be this awkward
    The Verge Nov 16, 2017

    Google Pixel Buds Review Roundup: The Good—and the Ugly
    Fortune Nov 16, 2017

    Google Pixel Buds review: the best wireless headphones I’ve ever wanted to throw in the river
    Popular Science Nov 16, 2017

    Google Pixel Buds: real-time translation, not much comfort
    USA TODAY Nov 16, 2017

  4. CodeWeavers CrossOver for Chromebooks. Run some Windows apps on a Chromebook. Ref: ZDNet
  5. Windows On ARM
  6. MobileViews Podcast 9th anniversary!. First episode on November 26th, 2008. Was only 15:50 long. Jon joined on Dec 22, 2013 with episode #69.

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