MobileViews Podcast 226: Rant-cast, disintegrating Apple Smart Keyboard, Procreate 4.0.3 crashing

  1. Apple Watch chronograph doesn’t ship with Series 3 but is available from the Face Gallery of the Watch app.
  2. Blocking the iOS 11 upgrade Ref: imyfone
  3. Not buying another Apple Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro
  4. Procreate 4.0.3 is broken on my iPad Pro. Moved on to Tayasui Sketches Pro for my daily doodles
  5. Planetizen: UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies research is the first-ever study with representative data from major cities across America on ride-hailing and its impact on travel decisions. Uber and Lyft most likely add to traffic in major cities today.
  6. It looks like either (1) People don’t play games on the Mac much or (2) those who do don’t provide feedback to the MacOS app store. Probably the latter based on sampling review counts for various types of apps. Considering buying Civ 2 for Android ($9.99) or the free FreeCiv to play on the Samsung Chromebook Plus in preparation for the day I accidentally neglect to prevent my 9.7-inch iPad Pro (which is still running on iOS 10) to upgrade to iOS 11.
  7. Google Data Studio

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